Ehealth and transmural healthcare

Scientific Research Project Number: MA 2018 034
Place: Amsterdam UMC, locatie AMC, afdeling ICT (HvA)


The patient journey is a concept that is embraced by Amsterdam UMC. Part of the patient journey is formed by the care path. For four care paths, it was decided to fill in the patient journey with a combination of the EPD, MediMapp from Soulve and the internet (GX) from both hospitals. From a patient perspective, care often continues: from the AMC / VUmc, data about the patient must therefore be exchanged between the care providers.

Description of the SRP Project/Problem

There are different ways to exchange data between healthcare providers.

In addition to a number of existing exchange platforms (eg XDS) to exchange data about the patient, there are also other possibilities, namely the current EPD (EPIC) and MediMapp (Soulve). Which way should it go? What is the best from the patient's perspective?

Research Questions

What is the optimal form of data exchange from the patients point of view, taking into account new developments such as a personal patient file (MedMIJ).

- Are EPIC and MediMapp competitors or do they complement each other for the exchange of care data between installations?

- Which is the preferred solution?

- What role does the Pgo of MedMij (PHR) have to play in this?

- For which type of patients is this suitable?

- Should that data be central in the architecture or the care path process?

- What is the perfect role of the Digital assistant and the place in the application landscape?


- a future-proof architecture (i.e., up to and including 2025) for the transmural data exchange consisting of

- architecture principles and guidelines. Determine whether data or process should be central.

- a design of process, application landscape and infrastructure

- A solid project plan for realization

- test setup in the digital patient lab

Time period. 7 months

An approach could look like this:

-Literature research on models for information exchange ( eg XDS).

-Define information requirements related to patient journey, role of information in process improvement, available (types of) tools

-IT architecture proposal

-Define evaluation critieria

-(pilot)implementation and evaluation based on these criteria


Hans van den Berg, Amsterdam UMC, locatie AMC, afdeling ICT, 020­5668080